It hurts me; the fact that in letting (you) in I allowed you to take a place in my head space. You filled it with sweet words and kind gestures only to turn your back seconds later. I’m sorry that I let you hurt me, sorry for myself, that I let these people into my life which make me feel that I am inadequate. I felt compelled to turn my back on these parts of myself that only needed to be held and kept safe, for that I am sad to know people and their ignorant cruelty. Never more will I hide away any fragment of my being for the benefit and comfort of (you)

– Allyson Wenhuda


Don’t talk this up

There’s no glamour in this life
Your mothers face yells this loud
There’s no glamour in this life
Everyone should know
It’s sinking to the depths
On your own
There’s no glamour in this life
Only denial will keep you safe
But when that protection breaks
Down you will go
There’s no glamour in this life
And everyone should know
Head ache, heart ache
Body convulsions
There is no glamour in this life

-Allyson Wenhuda